SHOP & COLLECT (For every NT$300 purchase worth of Goods, Get one point)
Ngày đăng:2019-11-29


1. Get (1) point for every NT$300 purchase worth of goods.
2. Points are only valid if it is stamped on EEC shop & collect the card.
   One (1) stamp means one (1) point.
3. Ways to avail the promo:
    a. Collect thirty (30) points to get one (1) free Casserole Pot 16cm
    b. Collect forty (40) points to get one (1) free Frying Pan24 cm.
    c. Collect fifty (50) points to get one (1) free Soup Pot 24cm.
    d. Collect sixty (60) points to get one (1) free Square Pot 24cm.

  • Collect fifteen (15) points add NT299 Get Casserole Pan 16cm.
  • Collect twenty (20) points add NT399 Get Frying Pan 24cm.
  • Collect twenty-five (25) points add NT499 Get Soup Pot 24cm.
  • Collect thirty (30) points add NT599 Get Square Pot 24cm.
4. Phone Cards, Cigarettes, and 3C products are not included in the point distribution.
5. Once the item is opened, it can only be exchanged if there is a defect.
6. Photos are for references only, actual items may vary.
7. The product items for this promo are subject to their availability.
8.Broken, unrecognizable, and copied point card and points are invalid.
9. Unauthorized reproduction of points and shop & collect card is illegal.
10. Points are non-convertible to cash and non-refundable.
11. All points are not reusable, points can only be used once.
12. Shop & collect cards must be presented to the cashier upon transaction.
13. EEC will not be liable for lost and stolen shop & collect cards.
14. Not valid for EEC agents.
15. PROMO PERIOD: December 1, 2019, to May 31, 2020.
16. Exchange of promo items until June 30, 2020.
17. This promo is exclusive for Zhongshan, Linkou, Zhongli, Neili, Hukou Hsinchu, Zhunan, Taichung and Tainan  Service Station Only.
18. Promo terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
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